Safety culture

Employee safety is an important priority in the activities of "VNIINM, JSC". Following the rules of safe behavior allows minimizing the risk of injuries during work

Safety culture activities are implemented in the following areas: managing staff qualifications, improving technology, increasing motivation and engagement, and studying and using best practices.

"VNIINM, JSC" has introduced stop cards that allow an employee to refuse to perform work if there is a potential threat to health or the environment.

Compliance with safety and labor protection rules is the basis for the development of safety culture at the enterprise. "VNIINM, JSC" regularly trains employees on occupational health and safety requirements, holds quarterly Occupational Health and Safety Days, and organizes systematic control of compliance with these requirements.

"VNIINM, JSC" participates in meetings of technical directors and heads of nuclear and radiation safety, labor and environmental protection services of ROSATOM enterprises to study and implement best practices.

In addition, "VNIINM, JSC" has a tripartite committee on labor protection, which includes representatives of management, employees and trade union. The collective bargaining agreement includes a section regulating labor protection and employee health issues.

A safety hotline is available to increase awareness, openness and competence of employees.

"At "VNIINM, JSC", an external independent partner assessment of safety culture is regularly conducted. The report captures growth points for further improvement of processes in safety culture".

Mikhail Kryachkov, Head of Technical Control Department, VNIINM JSC


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