Postgraduate education

"VNIINM, JSC" postgraduate course trains scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel specializing in the study of materials science, nuclear fuel cycle technologies, design of fuel elements and creation of superconducting materials

The postgraduate program is designed for four years, includes scientific and educational blocks, as well as pedagogical practice at the departments of the Institute under the guidance of a supervisor. The goal of postgraduate education is to prepare a postgraduate student to defend a thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences.

Specialties of postgraduate studies of "VNIINM, JSC":

2.4.9 - Nuclear power plants, fuel cycle, radiation safety
2.6.8 - Technology of rare, diffuse and radioactive elements
2.6.1 - Metallology and heat treatment of metals and alloys

Form of study in postgraduate studies - full-time (budget / contract).

It is possible to attach a candidate to a postgraduate course for writing a dissertation for a degree without mastering the program of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the Institute for a period of up to 3 years. Training of employees of external organizations is carried out at the expense of individuals or legal entities.


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