Rosatom Production System


Rosatom's production system is a culture of lean production and continuous improvement of technological processes
RDP projects
realized in 2021-2023

Rosatom's production system is aimed at implementing the strategic goals of the State Corporation, while sectoral RDP projects are aimed at increasing the labor productivity of enterprises, reducing production costs and improving the quality of manufactured products.

At "VNIINM, JSC", the RDP allows to take a new look at the organization of production processes and to optimally build research activities. The implemented methods meet the current needs of the enterprise and enable the Institute to fulfill its obligations on time and in accordance with high industry quality standards.

RDP projects

Increase the efficiency of investment and R&D activities
Optimize processes for measuring the radiation characteristics of materials in scientific research
Optimize manufacturing processes for fuel components, superconducting and composite materials
Accelerate the write-off of illiquid equipment on the balance sheet


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