Metrology research

"VNIINM, JSC" is the head organization of metrological service of TVEL JSC; it ensures unity and accuracy of measurements at all stages of nuclear fuel and structural materials manufacturing
industry organizations
conduct annual MSAs
"Our institute provides industry laboratories with comprehensive metrological methods and reliable sample standards for quality control of measurements throughout the nuclear fuel fabrication chain".

Vladimir Gorshkov, Director of the Research Metrology Department of "VNIINM, JSC".

The activity of "VNIINM, JSC" is aimed at ensuring unity, reliability and accuracy of scientific measurements carried out in the industry. The Institute is responsible for the development of normative documentation, certification of measurement methods, development and approval of standard samples, interlaboratory comparison tests, which allows to ensure safety and high quality of products at the enterprises of the industry.

Main focus areas

development of normative-legal documentation and industry programs on metrological support
certification of measurement methods
testing of standard samples of composition and properties of substances, materials and products thereof
internal and industry metrological supervision, metrological expertise, interlaboratory comparison tests
assessment of the state of measurement quality in laboratories of the industry and third-party customers
training of industry experts in certification of measurement methods
verification and calibration of measuring instruments
author's support of technical documentation
administration and development of the regulatory documentation base, which contains more than 25 thousand titles
Interlaboratory Comparison Tests (ICTs) are a system of experimental verification of test accuracy in which coded samples of identical products are sent to declared laboratories.  Passing the ICT stage is considered successful if the laboratory has most accurately determined the assigned values. ICTs allow to evaluate the reliability of the results of each individual laboratory, to compare different measurement methods and determine the most effective ones, to certify standard samples, as well as to demonstrate the real accuracy of measurement techniques. 

Since 2016, «VNIINM» JSC has been the industry's only accredited provider of interlaboratory comparison tests.

Laboratories operating in accordance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 must regularly participate in proficiency testing.The industry pays special attention to dosimetric and radiometric measurement methods.

Based on the results of the ICT, each participant is issued a certificate of participation and a conclusion, which contains the results and recommendations for improvement.

In 2022-2023, «VNIINM» JSC conducted qualification verification of measurements of a number of characteristics of structural materials: hardness, short-term mechanical properties and individual dosimetry control at several dozens of laboratories of various organizations of Rosatom State Corporation.

ICT objects

Nuclear materials, fuel compositions
Steels, alloys, non-ferrous metals, structural materials and products thereof
Oils, filtering ion exchange resins
Natural, wastewater, desalinated, contour water
Soils, subsoil, contaminated surface
Dosimetric control
Personal protective equipment

Measurement Status Assessment (MSA) is a confirmation of the laboratory's ability to perform measurements in the declared (assigned) field of activity. Measurement assessment is a comprehensive check of the elements of metrological support of the laboratory for compliance with the criteria set out in the standard of the State Corporation «Rosatom» STO 95 12074-2021. The main criteria for obtaining a certificate of measurement status are: availability of the laboratory's measurement quality control system, results of sampling control of measurement quality, fulfillment of the action plan approved by the previous MSA.

Within the framework of conducting the MSA metrologists of «VNIINM» JSC confirm the accuracy and compliance of laboratories with the requirements of measurements and tests set forth in the industry normative documents.

Based on the results of MSA, laboratories receive comprehensive recommendations on the issues of metrological support. JSC «VNIINM» carries out this procedure annually for about 60 organizations of the industry.

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