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"VNIINM, JSC" improves technological processes for the production of various types of nuclear fuel, as well as reactor materials for NPPs of Russian design

"VNIINM, JSC" is an integrated enterprise for the development of technologies for the closed nuclear fuel cycle of nuclear power engineering, possesses technologies for the preparation of all types of RW for final removal from the technological cycle, and is also engaged in the development of materials for fast neutron reactors - BREST-OD-300 and BN-1200.

The Institute serves as the chief designer-technologist of nuclear fuel fuel elements for all types of reactor units of Russian design. "VNIINM, JSC" scientists are constantly improving fuel compositions to ensure high levels of fuel burnup, increase its economic efficiency and the duration of power reactor fuel cycles.

The competencies and experience of "VNIINM, JSC" specialists allow implementing projects on decommissioning of nuclear facilities and rehabilitation of territories to a «green lawn» state (a state close to the natural one) and developing new safe technologies in the field of decontamination, dismantling and RAW management.

Technologies in the field of superconducting materials developed at the Institute are in demand in large-scale international scientific projects. For example, toroidal and poloidal magnetic field cables (strands) are used in the international experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER (France), particle gas pedal FAIR (Germany), and will also be used in the future ring collider FCC (France, Switzerland).

The institute also conducts materials science research to develop promising materials for use in the nuclear industry, including the production of heat-resistant and chemically resistant silicon carbide materials.

The Institute has vast experience in the field of functional coatings and surface modification of products. "VNIINM, JSC" technologies are successfully used in various products and assemblies for the nuclear industry, find application in mechanical engineering, aviation, shipbuilding, medical and drilling equipment, electronics products and construction.

Also the tasks of "VNIINM, JSC" as the main scientific metrology center of ROSATOM include coordination of work to ensure uniformity and accuracy of measurements at all enterprises of the industry.

"To achieve a leading position in the high-tech market requires technological breakthroughs, in which research and development plays a key role"

- Leonid Karpyuk, General Director of «VNIINM» JSC

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